At the Public House on High we continually seek to bring the community together by opening doors to the immense world of beer and on August 29th we had the privilege of doing so by bringing beer to the dinner table and hosting our first beer pairing dinner for thirty treasured guests! With our roots deeply planted in the southeast and especially here in Tennessee, we decided to begin our beer dinner series with a focus on southern cuisine and Tennessee beers.

Our opening course featured Blackberry Farm Brewery’s Tennessee Time Pilsner from the brewery’s new can lineup paired along side an iceberg wedge salad, topped with farmer’s market fresh tomatoes, Benton’s bacon and our homemade stilton bleu cheese dressing. The simple, crisp and refreshing flavors from the pilsner called out the freshness of the iceberg lettuce while allowing the smokey bacon and bloomy stilton to accent the salad.

The second course paired Turtle Anarchy’s Red Ale with grilled green tomatoes atop a bed of pureed roasted red peppers and garnished with herbed goat cheese. The malty sweetness and low hop bitterness from this Franklin, TN ale made for the perfect complement to the sharpe acidity of the green tomatoes.

The evening’s main course featured a double beer pairing with Calfkiller’s Scorned Hooker from Sparta, TN and Bearded Iris’ Homestyle from Nashville, TN as we spoke about and highlighted our nation’s favorite beer style: the IPA. The Scorned Hooker offers malt-forward body with a pleasant balance of hops while the Homestyle contrasts in approach with a massive in-your-face hop bouquet and intense bitterness. When paired alongside our rosemary infused gilled pork tenderloin, collard greens and roasted mashed potatoes the two beers offer a conversation of flavors, exchanging between sweet and savory, acid and malty, starchy and hoppy.

As an intermezzo for the evening, our fourth course highlighted the cheese of the evening, stilton, by completing its bloomy blueness with a home-brewed barleywine, locally grown figs and almonds. Not only does this course readjust your pallet with its bold flavors of tobacco, sweet caramel, toffee and nutty malt but it also focuses on one of the greatest pairings of all time: cheese and beer. Although our dinner menus will constantly change and evolve the pairing of cheese and beer will always remain a constant. We love cheese…and beer.

Finally our evening came to close with our desert course, homemade chocolate pie paired with Studio Brew’s Ferguson Stout. This oatmeal milk stout already presents heavy chocolate notes and when enjoyed alongside a piece of chocolate pie…well there are no words for your mouth to utter because it’s too dang good to stop eating!

If you came out to our dinner THANK YOU VERY MUCH and if you missed the dinner do not be dismayed, our next dinner will be October 24th and tickets will go on sale at the Pub thirty days in advance.

P.S. – for those keeping score at home, Studio Brew is in Bristol, VA but they USED to be in TN, so we’ll always consider them a Volunteer.

Our Inaugural Beer Dinner